Restorations Restoring the past, preserving the future


What we do and more Importantly what we can do for you

  • Restoration:
  • Grinding/regrinding,polishing/Repolishing of old and newly laid marble and stones
  • Polishing, honing, grinding, cleaning, and sealing of stones
  • Installation and Fixing of New marble,granite and tiles
  • Removal of pittings,bends, unevenness, Cracks in old marble
  • Crack and chip repairs, stain removal, color sealing for stained, faded and discolored grout
  • Application of high end sealants and impregnators
  • Consultation:
    We provide consultation on choosing new stones that are vibrant and suitable for your project. Visit your premises to evaluate your requirements, educate you on the various Options and provide you with a cost effective solution to your stone and restoration needs
  • Labour:
    We provide highly experience fabricators, masonry and skilled labours from our partners in India


  • We use sophisticated high precision Italian grinding machines which in combination with actual diamond impregnated metal bonds followed by another set of diamond studded raisin bonds.
  • Depending on the the degree of unevenness and the amount of lippages and cracks on the stone, we use different grades of metal bonds to even out the surface
  • This is followed by cleaning of the surface along with all cracks and joints.
  • We then fill all joints and cracks with Italian glues which we also match to the color of the marble. These glues also dry fast and catch the colour of the marble and also the shine.
  • This process is followed by four stages of grinding with the help of our rasin bonds.
  • once we get the required level of smoothness and shine we wash the surface and start polishing with our flash pads to get the required mirror gloss on the floor surface.
  • We also like to advise you that our process is very clean -we use proper protection on your walls and woodwork. Also we have vaccums to suck our the slurry and the dirt which can be disposed outside.
  • We would also like to advise you that our charges as quoted are on a square feet basis and all skirtings and step risers would be charged on running feet basis at the same rate.
  • All mobilization and demobilizations would be at our cost and we would be requiring the following from you:
  • Working area free of any movements and furnitures.
  • Power supply
  • Water
  • Place to dispose the slurry and waste place to keep our toolings.


  • The conventional grinding machines are unbalanced ( motor on one side and grinder on the other) and are belt driven hence cannot control flatness of the grinding floors. Whereas our Italian machines are direct drive machines with the weight of the motor directly adding to the weight being applied on the grinding segments is more balances and gives an absolute flat surface.
  • The Planetary movement of the segments ensures 100% removal of scratches.
  • The toolings are high precision actual diamond impregnated metal and resin bonds.
  • Shine comes from the machanical grinding process without using any polish(waxpol,tinoxide)
  • Scratches are totally eliminated by grinding instead of filling with shinning chemicals used in conventional methods where scratches are not eleminated but are visible.
  • This gives long lasting shine bringing out natural beauty of the stone. Conventional diamond polishing uses waxpol which comes out in a weeks time.
  • Lippages between joints are totally eleminated giving it a look of absolute evenness.
  • Absolute professional approach.

Stone restoration works in partnership with Stone Restorations India

Stone Restorations is a private limited company incorporated in the year 2012 in New Delhi. The company has entered into a partnership with MARBLE MAGIC a part of Rockmet Corporation Group who are a leading company in UAE specialising in Polishing/repolishing Grinding /regrinding and restoration of all types of stone floors such as Marble, Granite, Limestone, Reconstituted Stones and Terrazzo. 

Marble Magic are in technical collaboration with FISA S.R.L. Italy have over 50 years of experience in stone restoration and preservation.

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